new font bianzhidai

new font bianzhidai

Yes, bianzhidai, an open-source font is out now and available for downloading, using, modifying :)

This is font is Designed by Xiaoyuan Gao
Published with Velvetyne Type Foundry.

Check it out at -> Velvetyne Type Foundry

hmm, is there any update for this font in the future?

Definetly YES, somewhere next year. Working on it already.

about the font itself

BianZhiDai is a font inspired by shading characters in ASCII art and 编织袋 (woven plastic bag in Simple Chinese). Previously constructed in GDC (glyphdrawingclub, designed and developed by @hlotvonen and @i-tu ), turned into modular when doing the revision.

BianZhiDai is good with colors, especially in combination with different fill/stroke colors. Try it, and play it. Besides, the whole font is modular based, so you can customize it in Glyphs any way you like.